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Ok so I know I said that the whole thing should start in this chapter but I really want this to be good and have all kinds of details and last for a while so this chapter is all about Xevion and Ayano's past. Enjoy.

                The morning dew shimmered in the light from the sun that had managed to escape the hold of the entanglement, that was the forest, that Lenix had found himself in.
He was now sitting at the end of a small dock on the lake in the clearing, his feet, embraced by the cool water, hung over the edge. His eyes were closed, and though it seemed like he was oblivious to all things, this was when he was, actually, the most aware.
The sounds of the forest enveloped him. The slight breeze rustling the leaves of the tall oaks surrounding the lake, the whisper as the grass swayed with the wind, the tiny splash of water when a fish attacked the bugs, lying in wait on the surface. All sounds, barely audible to an untrained ear, but he had been trained well. Even his sight was astounding. Any trace of movement, even the slightest, at even two to three hundred metres, he could spot.
Lenix took a deep breath and exhaled, slowly, quietly. Then, a noise from the trees behind him caught his full attention. His eyes opened fiercely, revealing bold, crimson eyes. He listened, intently, now. A twig snapped and a slight murmur followed.
Immediately after, Lenix rolled his eyes and smiled cheerfully.
"Out of the tree, Ayano." He said simply.
"I'm not in a tree," She retorted and another twig snapped "Dammit! Okay fine! I'm in a tree. What are you gonna do about it?" A females voice seemed to come from all around him. He loved how her voice seemd to resonate of it's own accord.
                "You can come out on your own or I can make you. Don't you want to sit by your brother anymore?"
"Yea well maybe I dont" The tree she was in began to shake. "Okay, Okay. Geez!" A small thud sounded as she hit the ground. "So you've finished your training, eh?" She asked, as she walked up behind him.
"Nah, not completely. Just mostly," He smiled
"Well that sucks. Means it's gonna be no fun to sneak up on you anymore cause you'll be able to tell I'm there...not like when we were kids..."Her voice died on that last bit to nothing but a murmur and Lenix just shrugged.

She remembered, he doesn't like to be reminded of the past. Before she came along, he really had nothing. Life for him, meant hurt and strife.
Mother died just after he turned six and Father avoided him afterwards, until Ayano was adopted when he was nine, because he reminded him of mother. But when Ayano first became part of the family, she wouldn't have anything to do with anyone. Finally, one evening when Lenix was sent back to his room without dinner, she snuck him a loaf of bread and a glass of water saying "no one should go without eating" He smiled up at her and she smiled back and that was only the start. Soon, Lenix couldn't get her to be quiet unless they were around others and even then it was hard because most people avoided her. He hadn't known why but he liked it anyway. He didn't get along with everyone well enough to truly care, anyway.
One night changed everything though.

"Ayano...I'm leaving and I'm not coming back." Twelve year old Lenix said, staring up at the full moon shining down on them.
"...Why?" She asked, knowing the reason, but asking anyway.
"This this village...I don't want it anymore. I love you, sis, but I have to go. There is too much pain here and it's not going to leave just because I am ignoring it. I notice that now. There has to be more to life than pain and hurt," He answered, never once looking away from the moon.
"Where are you going to go?" He looked down at the ground now.
"I don't know. There are colonies everywhere. I'm sure I'll find one sooner or later," Silence enveloped them for a little while as they both glared at the moon, now in envy because it was so far away from all the hurt and shined, happily.
"...Not without me." Ayano sighed and this time Lenix looked over at her in shock.
"No, Ayano. I can't take you with me. I don't know what's out there and I don't mind risking myself but I am not risking you, too,"
"Too bad. You want to leave so bad, I'm coming with. Besides there's nothing here for me. You're the only person I actually get along with." Again silence took them over as they stared at eachother. The seriousness in Ayano's eyes was intimidating. He didn't want to lose her, but he didn't want to leave her either.
"...Fine," Ayano smiled, victoriously, "but we have to leave just before first light. Before Father wakes." She nodded in agreement. "Go get some sleep. I'll wake you just before I go," She went to leave then turned back around.
"Promise me, you won't leave without me." she stated
"I promise, Ayano. Now please. Go to bed." She nodded and left.
Light licked the horizon like a small fire kindling under a log as Lenix and Ayano walked out of their house for the last time and began their treck.

"I'm sorry, brother. It kinda slipped out." She said as she stuck her feet in the water, as well. He looked over at her and smiled a bit.
"I know. It's alright...Hey. How'd you know I was here?" She smiled and touched her nose, winking at him, her bright amethyst colored eyes shone in the light. He just rolled his eyes and said, "Seriously,"
"Because I'm your sister and I know this is your favorite spot to come to when ever you want to be alone. And I also know that you like to go and isolate yourself after a party like that last night." He laughed as he tried to remember the night before. Most of it was cloudy, but what he did remember seemed to be good.
"The drink took it's effect too well, I think" Ayano smiled at him, giggling a bit.
"I'd say. You almost kissed Alycia."
"I did what?" Lenix shouted, shocked and birds flew off startled. Ayano giggled again.
I said almost." She smiled "Weiss interferred."
"Ass..." Lenix murmured under his breath. "I'm gonna have to apologize now." He shrugged and Ayano laughed a little more. Her pearl white braids moving against her twitching shoulders.
"Ayano?" Lenix started and she looked over at him. "Do you regret following me?"
"No," She said, quite simply. "No, I do not. Youo were the only person I actually got along with and if you left then I would've been alone...again," Her voice died at the end."Besides look at all the friends I've made here."
"Two." Lenix stated shortly with an eyebrow raised.
"Just two?" He nodded. "Well, that can't be helped, I guess. But think about it this way. That's two more than what I had back then," She said with a joyous smile. Lenix couldn't help it. He burst out with laughter, which got Ayano going, as well.
Eventually, they calmed down and when they did there was no sound and that silence ensnared them for a few moments.
"Someone's coming." Ayano said, breaking the silence.
"Yea, I noticed. Five pieces of gold says it's Alycia."
"Oh no. I never bet against you. Especially now that you 'mostly' completed your training." Ayano pulled her feet out of the water and stood up, slipping back into her shoes. Lenix stood and put his boots back on, as well.
They turned around and sure enough the flaming red hair of Alycia could be seen amongst the trees, weaving it's way through the forest like a wildfire.
"Well, good morning to the both of you," She said when she came into the clearing. "Didn't expect both of you to be here," Her face was flushed and matched her hair, but that was probably from the drinks the night before.
"Good Morning, Alycia." They both said in unison.
"And how are we feeling this morning?" Ayano added
"Hungover." Alycia replied, shortly and then smiled. "Well, since your both here I can ask you both at the same time. Are you guys coming for breakfast?"
"Is your mom making it?" Lenix asked and Alycia nodded. "Well then, Absolutely." He said rubbing his hands together, smiling.
"Good, Come on. I believe she's started cooking already," She said as she turned around and started walking back.
Lenix ran up to her and Ayano went up the closest tree and followed from there.


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